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Part 1-2
Baghdad says its troops have surrounded the last ISIS stronghold in the Iraqi city of Mosul after months of deadly fighting. The Iraqi Army's 9th armored division attempts to make its final push towards the Old City as the militant group responds with lethal counterattacks. The largest urban battle since WWII enters its final stage.

WARNING: violent content
Part 3-4
 From gun trenches in the hills overlooking the Syrian town of Baghuz, US-backed Kurdish and Arab fighters known as the Syrian Democratic Forces rain down automatic weapons fire on what’s left of the Islamic State caliphate in Syria. After being driven out of Mosul in 2017, ISIS has been pushed back – mile-by-mile, through fierce fighting – from nearly all the territory it used to control in Syria, into a tiny patch of land at the edge of the Euphrates river. More than 60,000 people have left during the course of the siege. The battle may be almost over, but for now ISIS fighters remain unwilling to capitulate.
Part 5
Life after ISIS in Iraq

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