A compilation of footage from the 2022  Emmy-winning coverage  (including best cinematography) of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in 2021, and the chaotic American-led withdrawal from its longest war. Shot for Showtime and VICE News.  Watch part of the coverage here.
More than half a million Mexicans have lost their lives to Covid-19 since the spring of 2020. Four out of every ten deaths amongst medical personnel in Latin America happened in Mexico - the worst ranked country in the region according to the Pan-American Health Organization. Aired in Australian television as a 48-minute long-form in 2021.

Footage from a one-hour documentary on the Amazon fires in 2019 for VICE Investigates. Watch the full-length film on HULU.
A compilation of the Emmy award winning footage of the offensive against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. You can review the full body of work on the documentary section of this website. WARNING: violent content. Shot for VICE on HBO.
Sequencing sample. Part of the documentary "Syria's Disappeared: The case against Assad" available on Amazon video.
Anna: the woman who went to fight ISIS. Watch the full-length documentary on BBC 2
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